Name Murong Huang}e
Person ID 0017120
Index Year 348
Gender k
Age 52
Dynasty ePFormer Yan (16 states)
Alternate Names Wuxuan DiZū() ; Yuanzhens()
ye Liuchengh
Choronym YanjunPp
Notes Murong(1) Huang [17120] Although it was his son, Jun [17121], who declared himself first emperor of the Former Yan, Huang declared himself independent in 345, after conquering Northern Korea, and was designated by Jun as Taizu. Giles, 590-91.

# Address Location Address Type Sequence of Moves First Year at Address Last Year at Address Address Source Address Notes
 1 . --e_D--{--h(Liucheng) Basic Affiliationye(򥻦a})          

# Entry Category Specific Mode Year of Entry Age at Entry Ҹլ Entry Ssource Entry Notes
 1 .   personal declarationξڦۥ 0345 49      

# Social Distinctiveness ɥRr Firstyear of Distinctiveness Lastyear of Distinctiveness
 1 . emperor[ӫ]      

# Kin Type Kin Name
 1 . F Murong Hui}e_
 2 . lS2 Murong Jun}em
 3 . ulSn Murong De}ew
 4 . tG+n Murong Sheng}e
 5 . lS5 Murong Chui}e