Name Li QingzhaoM
Person ID 0019713
Index Year 1120
Gender k
Year of Birth 1061_7~
Year of Death 1130nп
Age 70
Dynasty Song
Alternate Names Yi'an jushiw~h(Studio name, Style nameǦWBO)
ye Licheng
Choronym [Unknown]iԡj
Notes Li(2) Qingzhao [19713] She was a poet and in Shaoxing period presented the archeological work of her husband, Zhao(1) Mingcheng [19714] (q.v.), at court. She took the hao, Yian jushi and was more than 70 years old when she died in the Shaoxing period. CBD cites a number of modern articles about her. CBD, 2, 1023-4.

# Address Location Address Type Sequence of Moves First Year at Address Last Year at Address Address Source Address Notes
 1 . --ʪFF--{--(Licheng) Basic Affiliationye(򥻦a})       HǰOƯ(ql)Song ren zhuan ji zi liao suo yin (dian zi ban)Index to Song Biographical Materials (:5610)  

# Entry Category Specific Mode Year of Entry Age at Entry Ҹլ Entry Ssource Entry Notes
 1 .   honorific title based on merit of relative 0000 00      

# Social Distinctiveness ɥRr Firstyear of Distinctiveness Lastyear of Distinctiveness
 1 . poet֤H      
 2 . ci lyric writerH      
 3 . literatihH      

# Kin Type Kin Name
 1 . F Li GefeiD
 2 . VH Zhao Mingcheng
 3 . ĤGVH2 Zhang Ruzhoui

# Type Of Social Association Associate Type of Kinship Relation Kin Kinship Type for Associates Kin Kin of the Associate Date of Assocation
 1 . Student wasǥͬY Han Yufuɤ U   U    
 2 . Preface of book byѧǥYҧ@ Duanmu Caiݤ U   U    
 3 . Preface of book byѧǥYҧ@ Huang Jie` U   U    
 4 . Postface of book written byѶ[Yҧ@ Sa Xueruijp U   U    
 5 . Postface of book written byѶ[Yҧ@ Mao Jin U   U    
 6 . Postface of book written byѶ[Yҧ@ Li Wenqi䄎 U   U    
 7 . memorialized the writings ofY Zhao Mingcheng U   U    

# Title Role of Writing Year of Publication Author's Period ۭzXB
 1 . ۿ Jinshi lu houxu   1143 1084-1153  
 2 . Dama tu   1143 1084-1153  
 3 . Maxi tupu   1143 1084-1153  
 4 . ɵ shu yu ci   1143 1084-1153  
 5 . w:QG Li yi an ji: shi er juan        
 6 . ɵ:@ Shu yu ci: yi juan