Name MenggeX
Person ID 0029243
Index Year 1259
Gender k
Age 52
Dynasty Yuan
Alternate Names ٵ¬ӫ(Posthumous Name문) ; ˩v(Temple nameq) ; Xian Zong˩v()
ye Hening LuM
Choronym Mongol TribeXj
Notes Mungke [29243] Died during the Sichuan campaign when the Mongols took He Zhou City (X{). WDY, 1, p. 33.
~W(ùr) Mungke

# Address Location Address Type Sequence of Moves First Year at Address Last Year at Address Address Source Address Notes
 1 . --_椤Ѭ--M(Hening Lu) Basic Affiliationye(򥻦a})          

# Entry Category Specific Mode Year of Entry Age at Entry Ҹլ Entry Ssource Entry Notes
 1 .   succession~ 1251 44      

# Social Distinctiveness ɥRr Firstyear of Distinctiveness Lastyear of Distinctiveness
 1 . emperor[ӫ]      

# Kin Type Kin Name
 1 . F Tuoleip
 2 . B- HubilieP
 3 . lS Yulongdaishis異

# Type Of Social Association Associate Type of Kinship Relation Kin Kinship Type for Associates Kin Kin of the Associate Date of Assocation
 1 . Officer under his command wasNY Alaf U   U   1259