Name Zhu Houzhaop
Person ID 0030158
Index Year 1521
Gender k
Year of Birth 1491v4~
Year of Death 1521w16~
Age 31
Dynasty Ming
Alternate Names Wu ZongZv() ; Yi Diݫ() ; Zhengdew()
ye Daxingj
Choronym Ming Imperial Clanұ
Notes Zhu(1) Houzhao [30158] Wuzong or the Zhengde emperor. See documentation for Zhu(1) Yuanzhang [30149].
Ʈws MHǰO@

# Address Location Address Type Sequence of Moves First Year at Address Last Year at Address Address Source Address Notes
 1 . --_--ʮv--ѩ--j(Daxing) Basic Affiliationye(򥻦a})          

# Entry Category Specific Mode Year of Entry Age at Entry Ҹլ Entry Ssource Entry Notes
 1 .   investiture as heir apparentx 1505 15      
 2 .   succession~ 1505 15      

# Social Distinctiveness ɥRr Firstyear of Distinctiveness Lastyear of Distinctiveness
 1 . emperor[ӫ]      

# Kin Type Kin Name
 1 . F Zhu Jianshen`
 2 . dlW Wang fei(ming wu zong fei)m(Zvm)