Name Liang HongzhiE
Person ID 0089168
Index Year 1941
Gender k
Year of Birth 1882M8~
Year of Death 1946إꤤإ35~
Age 65
Dynasty إRepublic of China
Alternate Names Zhongyi()
ye Changle
Choronym [Unknown]iԡj
Notes mMNHͨ~nwͨ~8~~إ35~C iѦҡmMNHͨ~n#21880.j

# Address Location Address Type Sequence of Moves First Year at Address Last Year at Address Address Source Address Notes
 1 . M--֫ج--֦{--(Changle) Basic Affiliationye(򥻦a}) 001     MNHͨ~Qing dai ren wu sheng zu nian biao (:21880)