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Search by Name
Search by Name allows you to identify an individual or retrieve a list of individuals that share basic biographical attributes. By default, the query includes everyone in the database, and the list is refined according to the manipulation of parameter values on the left column.
Read about faceted search in the CBDB Online Interface User Guide
The most common usage of this interface is to isolate and identify a single individual by keyword search of name. If you search for Wang Anshi in pinyin, that query should return a single record (as of February 2011) corresponding to Wang Anshi w in the eleventh century.
If the individual is only known by a part of a given name, adjusting the temporal range helps narrow the list of search results. For example, occurs commonly as part of a name (463 records as of February 2011), but delimiting the query to the Tang dynasty should narrow the search results to 5 records. Navigate to Dynastic Period and specify Tang from the dropdown list. Wang Wei , whom we had in mind, appears in record #5.
Another possible use is to retrieve a list of individuals who share a surname. A search for the surname Wt returns 54 records. This list can be refined so that it displayed those active only during the Northern Wei (5 records) or only during the Tang (32 records).
Click on the name of any person and the data in their CBDB file will be displayed.
Note: use v for u
Technical description of the search parameters
Name Retrieves records of individual(s) by keyword lookup of their name. The entry may be surname and given name, any of the alternate names, whole or partial, in Chinese or in pinyin.
Index Year The year in which the person was (presumed to be) in his/her sixtieth year or the year of death if the subject died before the sixtieth year. By specifying a year range the results will be filtered for people whose index years are within the range. Index years are sometimes missing. They will be entered as new data justifies.
Dynastic Period Automatically fills the range of index years by the dates of a major Chinese dynasty.
Address Delimits the search results by the address associated with the individual(s). Click on to specify the location of the address.